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18 Jul 2009

Creative Commons License Image Google Buy Zocor Without Prescription, Many bloggers and website designers go to, click on the Images link, find a good picture, save it and upload it to their website. My Zocor experience, Unfortunately, I've done the same thing, Zocor alternatives. After Zocor, Google Images makes it too easy.

Images are like text, Zocor mg, Zocor no prescription, do you want someone to copy your latest blog post and paste it on their website. Of course not, Zocor australia, uk, us, usa, Zocor recreational, but the same rules apply to images. The images belong to the photographers, just like your blog posts should belong to you, Buy Zocor Without Prescription. If someone wants to share your blog post, Zocor dosage, Buy Zocor online no prescription, you can give them permission . , Zocor pics. Generic Zocor, . just like photographers do with the Creative Commons License, Zocor maximum dosage. Zocor long term, Google has introduced a new Creative Commons Image Search feature that will help keep you moral and legal with your blog or website. You can search for images that are allowed to be used on your website without permission, fast shipping Zocor, Zocor duration, and upload them without worry.

(BTW, buy Zocor from mexico, Zocor for sale, Creative Commons Images = FREE images and pictures for your website that mostly look good.)

Google Creative Commons Image Search Info

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Colin Clark

July 22nd, 2009 at 8:55 pm

Great point. I'm pretty much the most guilty person ever when it comes to this. You've got to admit that you're kind of asking for your content to be borrowed when you put it on the web. I know that legally it's a faux pas, but my thought is if you make an image, put it on your website and use alt tags to tell an image search what it is, then it should be fair game even if legally this isn't the case.


Kevin Hood

July 25th, 2009 at 8:30 am

Colin, I'm pretty much as guilty as you. Probably more guilty. I'm fine with someone copying and pasting my first two paragraphs from a blog post and linking to my blog, but if they steal my entire post and use it as their own on their site – that's a different story. I can see photographers feeling the same way, well I'm best friends with one so I know how he feels. Alt tags or not, it's probably OK, but not legal. I guess that's how I see it. Am I going to only use CC images from now on? Heck no, but I will at least try to search for them first and use content / images that are legally and morally allowed to be on my site. Hopefully, Mr. CC doesn't take me down.

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